About Us

UEDA INDUSTRY(THAILAND) CO.,LTD. was established in 2007, with the previous name of the Company being JP Mold Co., Ltd. which has been changed to Ueda Industry (Thailand) in 2019.The Company is a producer of plastic parts for the automotive industry, electronic products and plastic injection molds, and it also provides services for international standards,focusing on the satisfaction of customers in the plastic parts industry in all aspects.

Corporate Vision

Full power of smile
~Customers' smiles make our employees smile.~

Since our establishment in 2007, we have been engaged in an integrated production system from the design and manufacture of plastic mold and press mold to press products for insert and plastic molded parts, based on our manufacturing technology for plastic molded parts. With "Customer Satisfaction" "Delivery on time" and "Continuous Quality Improvement" as our basic policies, we continue to offer a wide range of products that provide positive value to our customers and meet the expectations of society. As global competition intensifies, we aim to be an organization that continues to evolve, repeating the transformation of growth while strengthening our product development capabilities, production technology, price competitiveness, and human resources, while inheriting the solid technology we have cultivated in Japan. In order to continue to be the kind of company that "Consult with UEDA INDUSTRY and they will do something for you",all of our employees will work together to meet the diverse needs of our customers from the product development stage to prototyping and mass production, and together with our employees we will open up the future with our reliable technologies.


Managing Director
Tomohiro Ueda

Our Company

UEDA INDUSTRY(THAILAND) CO.,LTD., as a producer of plastic parts for the automotive industry, electronic products and plastic injection molds, as well as a service provider for international standards with awareness of its environmental responsibilities towards its employees and community, has implemented an environmental management system, along with conducting the organization’s business in accordance with ISO14001 standards by intending to take the following actions:
1.Establish and continually improve the environment management system according to various requirements in the ISO14001 system.
2.Comply with the laws, contracts and other requirements related to the nature of the Company’s environmental issues.
3.Establish and review environmental objectives and targets to:
3.1Achieve efficient use of resources by promoting reuse, recycling and replacement.
3.2Reduce waste from various processes in the manufacturing of products.
3.3Properly manage waste and garbage.
4.Reduce energy consumption in various ways to prevent global warming and reduce resource consumption.
5.The Company is committed to controlling the use of chemicals, raw materials and products to prevent and control the contamination of harmful substances, according to standards specified by customers and the RoHS standards.
6.Organize training to educate and create awareness for employees at all levels to realize the importance of environmental preservation in the Company’s activities.
7.Publicize environmental policies, objectives and targets, and encourage information exchange with customers, suppliers and the public.

The management has shown commitment to the application of standards. Therefore, the Company’s quality policy has been established as a statement to show commitment. It aims to communicate such to all employees to acknowledge and understand the objectives, needs, expectations and intentions of applying the management system by establishing this quality policy as a frame for determining and formulating quality objectives, goals, performance indicators and customer’s needs. The Company’s quality policy is as follows: Customer Satisfaction , Delivery on time and Continuous Quality Improvement

UEDA INDUSTRY(THAILAND) CO.,LTD., formerly known as JP Mold Co., Ltd., was established on May 23, 2007 by Mr. Isamu Kazumata, Mr. Kenji Oba and Thai Nissin Mold Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of 20 million baht under the management of Mr. Jun Kazumata. The main purpose of the Company is to manufacture, sell, export, repair, and maintain molds and mold parts and accessories, both domestically and internationally, by applying for investment rights under the regulations of the Board of Investment. In 2008, the Company expanded its market by producing electronic plastic parts for sale domestically with Thai Nissin Mold Co., Ltd. as the main trading partner. In 2011, JP Mold Co., Ltd. bought back shares from all shareholders and resold to Ueda Industry Co., Ltd. , located in Nagoya, Japan, owned by Mr. Masahiro Ueda and managed by Mr. Tomohiro Ueda. The main purpose of the Company remained the same after that, which was to manufacture, sell, export, maintain and repair molds, including molds parts and accessories. However, the production of plastic parts has been reduced and turned to the production of plastic parts for vehicles instead. On June 13, 2019, the name was changed to Ueda Industry (Thailand) Company Limited and the factory moved to a new location on July 18, 2019, to the new location at 93/8 Moo 18, Khlong Nueng Sub-district, Khlong Luang District, Pathum Thani. The main objective of the Company is to produce plastic parts for vehicles and produce quality metal stamping parts, including production, selling, export, repair and maintenance of molds as well as mold parts and accessories.